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Sardine Run 2014

The annual Sardine Run, a display of Mother Nature’s phenomenal power, attracts people from all over the world. During the months of June and July, millions of sardines flock together and migrate with the cold current being pushed up the east coast of Africa with the onset of winter. Not only does this phenomenon (known as “the greatest shoal on earth.” ) create the most beautiful silver waves, it also…

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The magic of the Sardine Run

Sardine Run

One of Mother Earth’s most magical occurrences is, without a doubt, the annual Sardine Run. Every year, between June and July, MILLIONS of sardines form huge, swirling shoals, resulting in the “Greatest Shoal on Earth.” It is indeed a natural phenomenon – one that people from all over the world look forward to. Not too shabby for South Africa’s Wild Coast. Although still months away, The Sardine Run 2014 is…

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Capetonians say “no” to Aussie shark culling


A recent shark-culling law passed in Western Australia has left numerous communities all over the world fuming. This is particularly evident in South Africa, where a protest was held to challenge the fact that South African sharks are amongst those being culled by the Australian government. In all fairness, however, most protesters agree that it doesn’t matter which waters the sharks come from, culling of any kind should be illegal….

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Week in Review- 13th December


Gansbaai   Summer is here and the White sharks have been in excellent form by the beach. We are getting many juvenile Great Whites with a mix of large sharks over 4.5 meters in length. The water visibility is low at the moment with an average of 2-3 meters visibility, as we have to work close to the beach and not at the Island. We have had some unusually warm…

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Week in Review – 22nd November

Seven Gill shark dive

Gansbaai We have had some interesting times recently with the white shark cage diving. Some of the boats have been lucky enough to see Bronze Whaler / Copper Sharks at the bait line. There have been up to six different copper sharks at one time. Yes, you may think, ‘so what?’, but we have never had them at the bait line before and it was great to see new species…

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