Diving with sharks is on everybody’s bucket list right next to bungee jumping or snowboarding, with very few brave enough to follow through. For those brave few who adventure into the unknown there are a multitude of companies willing to throw into you shark-infested waters. Only one, however, is conscientious enough to provide with you the necessary camera and accessories to document your journey into the deep blue. There are some incredible shots of underwater life and any budding adventurer would be happy to bag one of their own. Here are a few pictures and several reasons to trust Shark Bookings with your journey and ensure your bravery is documented forever.

Shark Bookings

The most obvious reason to take photos on your Shark Booking’s trip is to show it off to your friend. When your old school buddies visit, it’s great to have a snap of you with your toothy friend to really rub it in their faces.

breath-taking scenes

It serves as an incredible focus for any full-time photographers out there. The serenity of the ocean along with the incredible, dormant power of the shark make for some breath-taking scenes and thoughts. Adding it to your portfolio could really show your skill in the art of photography.

white shark

For you travel bugs and bloggers out there- the picture is worth a thousand words. A trip with Shark Bookings could yield incredible insight as well as media to fill out your adventures. It’s the trip of a lifetime so why not write about it and get the hits you need.

giant dive for mankind

The ocean is incredible world with images like the above showing we really don’t know what lies beneath the depths. A journey into the deep with great photography equipment is one way of being your own Buzz Aldrin; taking one small swim for man, one giant dive for mankind.

shark selfie

Conservation is key to keeping these incredible creatures swimming. With greater research, interaction and feedback we can help understand the plight of sharks in today’s world. These swimmers don’t deserve the reputation they have so why not have a swim with one, pose for a selfie and do your bit to change mind-sets.

Shark diving

Shark Bookings are an incredible service provider in the Shark diving community. Not only do they cover several locations along South Africa’s coastline, but also offer you incredible service and the ability document your journey with stunning photos. All of the images in this article were taken by Dave, the owner of Shark Bookings himself, so you can rest assured you are in good hands. Take a dive and snap happy.

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