The Blacktip Shark

The Blacktip Shark has a stout, streamlined body with long gill slits, a pointed snout and no ridge between his dorsal fins. Fast and swift, these sharks are incredibly energetic and excitable while remaining a relatively low risk as a predator. While feeling on fish, they are known to breach out of the water and spin in the air, and are viviparous, meaning that they give birth at a very young age.

Shark cage diving trips can be enjoyed in South Africa. These are snorkelling experience and now qualification is required. If you embark on a baited tiger shark dive tour an Open Water 1 to advanced divers license is required. Blacktip Sharks pose a relatively low risk to humans. These sharks are not attracted to humans. When shark cage diving with these sharks they become little dogs. Divers are most put at risk if they get in the way of these sharks while they are feeding, however, only recordings of bites have been made.

Where to see them

Blacktip Sharks can be found in tropical and subtropical waters all over the world. They occur in the periphery of the Indian Ocean, from South Africa and Madagascar to the Arabian Peninsula and the Indian subcontinent to Southeast Asia.

Most Blacktip Sharks are found in waters less than 30m deep. They also favour muddy bays, inland lagoons and drop-offs near coral reefs.

Diving Locations: Durban

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