The Blue Shark

The Blue Shark has been claimed to be the most beautiful shark in the ocean. Sleek and stunning, this shark can be identified by its long slender body, its indigo-blue topside, bright blue sides and white underside. It is an excellent scavenger and can travel several thousand kilometres in just a few weeks. Also known as the Blue Whaler or Great Blue Shark, Blue Sharks can grow to a maximum size of 3.8 m/12.5 ft.

They pose a moderate risk to humans. This shark is considered to be high risk to humans however it is only in extreme circumstances in which it will become a danger. Most people dive with the sharks without incident. Blue Sharks have been known to circle divers and be very curious; caution is necessary as they have been known to nip or bite when excited.

Where to see them

The best place to see blue sharks is in Cape Town and Gansbaai in South Africa. The sharks roam in temperate to tropical waters worldwide. They mostly stay in the open ocean waters but are known to occasionally cruise into coastal areas. These sharks are present in the Indian, Pacific and Atlantic Oceans and have been tracked down to depths of 720ft (220m).

Diving Locations: Cape Town

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