155_mantasatzavora_banner_3“When I was there last October we dived on a shallow reef and had 4 Manta Rays. During the Whole dive we could hear Hump Back Whales singing very close by! At one point they were so close that we could feel the deep sounds go through us! Now beat that!”

What makes Manta Ray encounters in Zavora even more special is that there have been more than 6 active cleaning stations identified in the in-shore reef systems which are in 6 to 14 meters of water. This both increases the amount of time that clients are able to spend with Mantas and provides for fantastic natural light at these shallow depths for photography and video imagery. To date the diving centre has a proud record of 100% of their students seeing Manta Rays on their qualifying dives! If you want to learn how to dive and start with one of the most awesome diving experiences then this is the place to be!

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