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Season – September – May


Experience: Advanced Diver


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Combine the ultimate Sharks of Durban with the Southern warm Mozambique waters

Join us on a fantastic diving holiday combining the famous Aliwal Shoal, Protea Banks and Ponta Do Oura in Mozambique. Enjoy stunning shark dives at the Aliwal Shoal and Protea Banks then off to Mozambique (just across the border) to dive the Pinnacles in search for Bull Sharks, Tigers, Hammerheads.

Package Summary

The shark diving week in Mozambique is for qualified divers with minimum 25 dives that have the desire to get up-close and personal with the many species of shark found on specially chosen reefs of Ponta do Ouro, Ponta Malongane & Ponta Mamoli as well as in South Africa on the Aliwal Shoal and Protea Banks. We will be looking for the following species during the week plus possibly other sharks that come our way:

  • Bull Sharks
  • Tiger Sharks
  • Hammerhead Sharks
  • Grey Reef Sharks
  • Spinner Sharks
  • Leopard Sharks
  • White-tip Reef Sharks
  • Whale Sharks

The destinations of Ponta do Ouro, Ponta Malongane & Ponta Mamoli boast awesome reef systems that offer some of the best Bull Shark & Hammerhead Shark diving in the world. This was unknown until recently as the dive operations in these destinations concentrate on reef diving and not sharks. We look purely for sharks with a specialised crew and dive masters which hit shark the hot spots along this coastline. With specialised techniques and knowledge of the sharks we are able to show you what most do not see in these waters.

The main focus of the shark diving week is to dive with the Hammerhead Sharks & Bull Sharks. We will also be enjoying the reefs in the area which are home to a large variety of marine life such as Whale Sharks, Grey Reef Sharks, Leopard Sharks, Dolphins, Turtles, Manta Rays, Devil Rays, Eagle Rays, Moray Eels, Game Fish, and Whales not to mention many species of reef fish & more.

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  • Airport transfers
  • Transfer into Mozambique
  • 12-night’s Accommodation
  • Daily Breakfast
  • 6 x Shark Dives Aliwal Shoal
  • 2 x Shark Dives Protea Banks
  • 2 x baited Tiger Shark Dives
  • 8 x Shark Dives Ponta do Oura
  • Mozambique Reef Tax
  • Cylinders & Air-fills
  • Weight Belts & Weights
  • 1 x Day Open Vehicle Safari
  • Lunches on Safari
  • Diver Permits

Not Included

  • Flights & Taxes
  • Passports & Visas
  • Personal Insurance
  • Dive Gear [can be hired]
  • Lunches
  • Dinners
  • Drinks
Package Itinerary

Day 1 : Arrive Durban Airport – Transfer to and Overnight @ Dive Lodge, South Africa

When you arrive at Durban International Airport [KSIA / DUR] or other pick-up points [as required], we will meet you & transfer you to our dive lodge in Umkomaas. We will check you into your room and sort out the diving equipment for the dives to come and then the afternoon is yours to explore the area, relax by the pool in the sun. In the evening we will enjoy dinner at the lodge or at one of the local restaurants (transport provided) whilst receiving a briefing about the dives and days to come.

Shark Diving @ Aliwal Shoal – 2 x Shark Dives on local reefs

We will meet for breakfast at 7am before kitting up at our on-site dive centre before heading down to the estuary for the launch. The launch is an exciting one starting in the river and then racing into the surf through to the back line before heading out to the dive site. The first dive is designed to give everyone a chance to get their dive gear & weights sorted out. There is every chance of spotting multiple sharks on any one dive as Aliwal Shoal is rated as one of the best dive sites in the world for shark diving. We aim to show you as many species of shark as possible on our dives and you will have the chance to see Tiger Sharks, Ragged Tooth Sharks, Oceanic Blacktip Sharks, Bull Sharks, Hammerhead Sharks, Guitar Sharks & Whitetip Reef Sharks. Not only will you be spoiled with shark sightings you may also see Whales, Dolphin, Turtles, Manta Rays, Devil Rays, Eagle Rays, Ribbontail Rays, Moray Eels, Game Fish and many species of reef fish. 

Following the dive we will return to the dive lodge where there are hot showers to help you climb out of your wetsuits and a secure wet-room to store your gear. The Afternoons will be enjoyed relaxing at the lodge or exploring the area.

Day 3: Shark Diving @ Aliwal Shoal – 2 x Shark Dives on local reefs

We will meet at 7am again for breakfast and then head off for 2 more shark dives on the local reefs. We will search different areas if needed to look for other species unless we hit a hot-spot on the first day. The afternoon will be enjoyed relaxing or if conditions permit then we may be able to go on another dive at a local reef. Dinner will be enjoyed either at the lodge or at a local restaurant.


Day 4 : 2 x Shark Dives at Protea Banks

After a good rest and early breakfast we will launch for 2 stunning dives at Protea Banks. This is a 45 minute drive south from Aliwal Shoal and is well known for it’s population of Bull Sharks and Hammerheads. Protea Banks is situated about 7.5km out to sea from Shelly Beach and the dive is fairly deep from 26-meters & 40-meters but our dives will generally be based at around 30-meters max.  This can be an exhilarating dive with lots of activity.


Day 5: 1 x Shark Dive at Aliwal Shoal & 1 Baited Tiger Shark Dive

We will meet for breakfast at 7am and then kit up for some more stunning diving with Sharks. Our first dive will be south of the Aliwal Shoal in an area known for it’s Pelagic Shark activity and we may find on this dive, Tiger Sharks, Bull Sharks, Hammerhead Sharks, Oceanic Black Tip Sharks and more.  After our dive we will then slowly move over to the baiting area for the Tiger sharks.  We will have an hour for our surface interval and in this time we will chum the waters to try to attract Tiger sharks. during the wait we will most likely see many Oceanic Black Tip Sharks as they are always first to the boats. These sharks are very relaxed with us and not a threat. Once we have spotted a Tiger Shark and it looks to be comfortable with the boat we will slip into the water. If an hour goes by and there are no Tiger sharks we will most likely drop in anyway and drift with the bait drum and look out for the sharks underwater. We will all receive a detailed safety briefing of what to do and not to do and by the time you see a Tiger Shark then you should be comfortable with the situation. There are 2 safety divers in the water at all times and you will always be under watch so you will be able to relax and enjoy the dive.

Following these dives we will return to the lodge for lunch and a relaxing afternoon.


Day 6: 1 x Shark Dive at Aliwal Shoal & 1 Baited Tiger Shark Dive & Transfer to St Lucia

We will venture out again for another 2 stunning dives on the reef and the Baited Tiger Shark dive. Following the dive we will pack up and transfer north to St. Lucia Wetlands Reserve which approximately 3 hours north.  This is a world heritage site and home to the Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Game Reserve which is the oldest game reserve in Africa. It was established in 1895 and is home to the Big 5 (Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Buffalo & Black and White Rhino)

In the evening enjoy dinner at the lodge or at one of the local restaurants. Overnight St. Lucia, South Africa


Day 7: Full Day Game Viewing in Hluhluwe-Imfolozi National Park – Overnight St. Lucia Wetlands Reserve, South Africa

Today we will start very early to catch the Game action in a fully guided open-vehicle safari in the Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Game Reserve. We will spend the day looking for the Big 5. Breakfast and lunch are included within the reserve. In the evening enjoy dinner at the lodge or one of the local restaurants. Overnight St. Lucia, South Africa.


Day 8: Transfer to Ponta Do Oura in Mozambique & 1 x Shark Dive & Overnight @ Dive Lodge, Mozambique.

Today we will leave early north to the border and enter Mozambique. At the border we change vehicles into 4 x 4 and travel up and over the Sand Dunes to the beautiful town of Ponta Do Oura. The drive into Mozambique is short as the town is on the border of Mozambique & South Africa. On Arrival we will quickly unpack and then head out on the boat to head out for our first shark dives on the fantastic reefs of Ponta Do Oura. We will then get a taste of what is to come over the next few days. The accommodation is in a lodge with an awesome pool deck overlooking the town and ocean. In the evening we will enjoy a meal at one of the local restaurants in Ponta Do Oura.

Day 9: 2 x shark dives at Ponta Do Oura

Today we will enjoy an early breakfast then head out for some amazing dives on Pinnacles which is rated as one of the best dive sites for Hammerhead Sharks & Bull Sharks in Southern Africa. You will also see much more during your dive as these reefs are home to a huge diversity of marine life. Following these dives we will relax in the afternoon or if conditions permit we will offer extra dives. Ponta Do Oura has km’s of stunning beaches and combined with the warm Indian Ocean this is a fantastic spot for beach walks, Surfing and swimming. Dinner will be enjoyed at a local restaurant.


 Day 10 : 2 x shark dives at Ponta Do Oura

After breakfast we will head out for another two dives with the sharks found on the reefs of the Ponta Do Oura. Mozambique is a Mecca for Whale Sharks and we will keep an eye out on the way too and from each dive for these stunning sharks. If found we will slip into the water with them on snorkel and have a memorable interaction. Ponta Do Oura is also home to a resident pod of Dolphins and if found are quite relaxed around people. 


Day 11 : 2 x shark dives at Ponta Do Oura

After breakfast we meet at the dive centre for another day of shark diving on the reefs between Ponta do Oura & Ponta Mamoli in Mozambique. The reefs are home to a huge variety of marine-life including sharks, dolphin, whale sharks, rays, eels, turtles, game fish & much more. After the diving relax at the lodge or visit some of the local sites.


Day 12 : 1 x shark dive at Ponta Do Oura

We will have our final dive at Ponta do Oura before heading for the border and back to St Lucia Wetlands Reserve where you can spend the final evening relaxing at the lodge. Here we will reflect on the shark diving in South Africa & Mozambique and share stories, photos and memories. Enjoy dinner at the lodge or at one of the local restaurants.


Day 13: Airport Transfer to Durban International Airport / Extend your stay

After breakfast at the lodge and spending the final morning relaxing, we will depart for Durban International Airport where we will bid you farewell until the next time! Other transfers can also be arranged if required. Flights need to depart Durban Airport after 2PM to allow time for transfers and check-in.

Shark Species

Shark Species to encounter


Tiger Sharks

The famous Tiger shark bait dive is definitely one of the top dives in the world and this is part of the dive packages offered. The baited dive takes place on the southern tip of the Aliwal Shoal which takes 15 minutes to reach by Zodiac. Once on site the crew add chum to the water and this drifts with the current to create a chum slick tot he boat which hopefully the Tiger Sharks will follow.

We would normally wait any time from 30 minutes to an hour or two until a Tiger shark appears. It is important to wait for the Tiger sharks to arrive as they must be comfortable with the boat before the divers enter the water. During the wait you will receive a briefing to help you to understand the shark’s behaviour and how we behave to prevent any incidents from happening. Tiger Sharks are inquisitive and intelligent animals but also shy and over the years the crew have learnt how to read them underwater to enable relatively safe diving conditions.

There are strict rules to follow underwater and the dive masters are on watch all of the time during the dive to see if the rules are being followed by the clients. This is a serious dive for the experienced and all divers must follow the guidelines to ensure that the dive is safe and enjoyable. The Tiger sharks need to be respected for what they are and as long as you behave accordingly around most Apex predators then you will remain safe in their environment.

As well as the Tiger Sharks you will experience many other Black Tip Sharks as well as Dusky Sharks depending on the time of year. In the summer months you may even be lucky enough to see a Manta Ray or dolphins on the dive.

Oceanic Blacktip Sharks

The Oceanic Blacktip Sharks are resident at the Aliwal Shoal. There are many to see normally on the baited dives and they are usually the first to come to the boat even before any bait is put in the water. These sharks are relatively safe to dive with and are a pleasure to watch, photograph and interact with underwater. The Blacktips are also seen on many of the reef dives and the dive masters use their own special techniques without using bait to bring the sharks in.

Ragged Tooth Sharks

The Ragged Tooth sharks are normally around between April and November but recently over the last few years there have been a few found in certain places around the shoal year round. The Ragged tooth sharks are probably the most famous of all as they are the menacing goofy toothed shark that populate most aquariums worldwide. There are a couple of very popular spots for Raggies around the Aliwal Shoal and these are Cathedral and Raggies Cave. Both dive spots have many Ragged Tooth sharks in season and sometimes up to and over 80 at a time.

Bull Sharks (Zambezi Sharks)

Bull Sharks are normally seen on the reef dives south of the Shoal and especially at Protea Banks and Ponta Do Oura where we will also dive. Many of the dives in the week are on reefs there will be plenty of opportunities to see Bull sharks on the dives. The Bull shark is one of the most notorious sharks in the ocean and responsible for many shark attacks worldwide. Like all sharks in the ocean as long as you know how to dive with them then there should not be a problem having a good positive experience. The dive guides work hard on all dives to attract sharks to them and it is not uncommon for groups to go away at the end of the holiday seeing over 5 species of shark

Hammerhead Sharks

Our dives with the Hammerhead Sharks take place normally during the summer months on the outside edge of the shoal, in Protea Banks and Ponta Do Oura on Pinnacles. We will normally find the Hammerhead sharks in mid water away from the reefs when drifting in the blue. We will have an excellent chance of seeing Hammerhead sharks on Pinnacles so keep your eyes peeled!

Guitar Sharks

The Guitar Sharks are found in the summer months on sandy patches resting on the bottom. These sharks are calm and you should be able to get up close to have a good look at them and have a photo taken with them.


Accommodation in St Lucia, South Africa

The lodge offers some fantastic walks, visit some local attractions or relax by the pool. The resort has a swimming pool, BBQ Area, Restaurant, Bar Area, TV.

Accommodation in Ponta do Ouro, Mozambique

Our accommodation in Mozambique during ‘SharkWEEK Mozambique’ is situated overlooking the beach of Ponta do Oura and the Indian Ocean. The rooms all have en-suite facilities with showers and the rooms are air-conditioned.The accommodation is on a bed & breakfast basis, lunch and dinner is available at the many restaurants and bars in Ponta do Oura. The lodge also has a fantastic pool area for chilling-out after the days shark diving in Mozambique.

The Scuba Lodge – Aliwal Shoal

The scuba lodge is a purpose built lodge for dive groups. It is overlooking the Indian ocean and all rooms have sea views and can accommodate for up to 18 guests in 9 comfortable bedrooms all with on-suite. There is an outdoor swimming pool, B.B.Q area (Braai) as well as Kitchen facilities, Tea & Coffee, TV, Laundry Service & WIFI Internet Access. All rooms can be arranged into either King Sized bed or 2 single beds.