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Shark Explorers

Morne Hardenberg and Stephen Swanson have been working with sharks for most of their lives. They have been working with Great White Sharks for over 10 years and for a large portion in Gansbaai and Mossel Bay where they learned all of the skills of the trade. Shark Explorers are unique in that they offer fantastic diving opportunities for skilled divers with a various array of sharks.

Shark Explorers

Morne Hardenberg and Stephen Swanson have been working with sharks for most of their lives. They have been working with Great White Sharks for over 10 years and for a large portion in Gansbaai and Mossel Bay where they learned all of the skills of the trade. Shark Explorers are unique in that they offer fantastic diving opportunities for skilled divers with a various array of sharks.

The Boats

Shark Explorers have 2 boats in their fleet.

shark explorer 2

Shark Explorer 2

A 35ft GeeCat powered by twin 300hp low emersion 4 stroke Suzuki’s. She has been custom built for White shark cage diving and offers clients a 5-star platform when out at sea. Equipped with toilet and hand basin, change room and outside freshwater shower, a top view deck which is perfect for those wishing to view the sharks from the boat.

In addition to state of the art navigation equipment, she also carries 2 * 12man life rafts as part of her safety equipment list. She is licensed by SAMSA as a passenger vessel to conduct White shark cage diving and can carry 18 passengers and 4 crew!


shark explorer

Shark Explorer

A 9m Butt Catt powered by twin 200hp 4 stroke Suzuki’s. She was designed and built for open ocean conditions and provides stability even when seas are choppy. This fully equipped vessel has the top of the range Garmin navigation system and radar. Onboard we have a toilet and ample space for extra gear and equipment. She has a custom fitted dive rack and is well suited for divers to be comfortable in all sea conditions. She is our main dive boat in Cape Town, servicing Offshore and Inshore dive trips.

The Cage

shark explorers cage

There is a cage used for the White Shark Cage Diving only but not the Blue and Mako or cow shark dive. The cage is round and takes a maximum of 3 divers at a time. Snorkel or scuba is available to certified divers on request.

7 Gill Broadnose Cow Sharks

7 gill cow shark

Enjoy a stunning dive in the kelp forests along the protected cape peninsular with the Sevengill Cow Sharks. They are formidable predators of seals, other sharks and fish but are not known to pose a threat to divers. The 7 Gill Cow Sharks are known as the “wolves of the sea” because of their unusual cooperative hunting behaviour.

Where we dive there are normally many of these sharks around and they are completely unfazed by divers and pass by extremely close.

Dive Summary

  • Maximum of 6 people (unless in a group) to reduce the impact on the sharks and enhance your personal experience
  • Location: Cape Town, South Africa
  • Season: All year
  • The dive: SCUBA dive.
  • Minimum experience required: Open Water 1 Certification. Make sure to bring proof of certification with you.
  • Dive Depth: 10 meters
  • Water temperature: 10 – 20 º C
  • Water visibility: 3 – 20 meters
  • Dive time: between 30 – 60 minutes
  • Chumming and baiting: None


Shark Dive

ZAR1 550 Per Person

Kit Rental

R400 Full Set


  • Two guided Scuba dives
  • Snacks & cool drinks on the boat
  • Dive briefing and full shark presentation

Optional Extras

  • Dive Gear – This can be rented for an optional R400 for the full set
  • Transfers from Cape Town (Return R450 per person – Single person R800)

Filming and Photography

These sharks approach divers within inches and are slow moving. They are very photogenic and easy to capture.


The sharks are found in the protected kelp forests near Miller’s point on the Cape Peninsular. As this area is protected the ecosystem is healthy and has a large variety of corals, fish and also many small species of shark.

Combo Package

Make it an all-round day out and combine the 7 Gill Cow Shark dive with the Blue & Mako Shark Dive! Book this ultimate shark combination for only R3300 per person!

Blue and Mako Shark Diving

Blue Shark and Diver

Join on this special day out diving with bait with the Blue and mako sharks. The Blue Sharks are probably the most beautiful shark and great to dive with as they are very inquisitive and bold. Fortunately, the majority of them are small and easy to push away when they get too close and great fun to interact with.

This dive is out in the open Pelagic waters and you just never know what you may come across. To date, we have not yet seen a Great White Shark on one of these trips but have recently run into pods of Pilot Whales, False Killer Whales and also Orcas. The visibility is normally excellent out in the deep so diving with these sharks and other species is very special.

Dive Summary

  • Location: Cape Town, South Africa
  • Season: March – November
  • The dive: Free-diving & Scuba.
  • Minimum experience required: This dive is for experienced and confident divers only.
  • Dive Depth: Surface – 5-10m drift dive
  • Water temperature: 18 – 23 º C
  • Water visibility: 10 – 50 meters
  • Dive time: As much as possible during the day
  • Chumming and baiting: Yes


Shark Dive

ZAR2 500 Per Person (minimum of 2 people)

Blue Mako and Cow Combo

R3 300 Per Person


  • Guided dive (No Cage)
  • Snacks & cool drinks on boat
  • Dive briefing and full shark presentation

Optional Extras

  • Transfers from Cape Town (Return R450 per person – Minimum R800)
  • Full kit rental R400

Tips for Safely Diving With Blue and Mako Sharks

For Advanced Qualified Divers Only!

Even though the sharks come extremely close and are small at no point must you touch them. They do have razor sharp teeth and are not afraid to use them. Fortunately on most dives the visibility is excellent and as long as you keep your eye on the sharks and keep your limbs and fingers safely close to your body then there should not be any problems.

Always make sure that the shark can pass you with a clear path and no be cornered. You will need to be in control of your buoyancy and comfortable underwater as all divers must remain calm and focused. Divers must wear hoodies, booties and gloves and preferably keep colours dull and not too striking or bright.

Filming and Photography

Due to the clear, warm water and beautiful colours of the sharks they are fantastic to film and photograph and you should have plenty of time to interact with the sharks.


Blue & Mako sharks reside in the deep oceanic waters and can only be found 20 – 30 miles out to sea. Here the water is hundreds of meters deep and normally a deep blue colour. This is the Indian ocean out here and normally warm at around 22c.

Shark Behaviour and Diver Interaction

The Blue sharks are extremely inquisitive and will come in on divers once they are comfortable with them. Normally this does not take long and after a whil,e all divers will get used to the close passes by the sharks. At all times divers must however be conscious of what they are doing as sometimes there can be up to 30 sharks plus on the dive and sharks will be coming from every angle.

Divers must be careful to watch their depth and to stay with the bait bucket at and around 5m. The water is extremely deep and it is easy to lose focus and then start dropping downwards with the sharks. The higher you stay the longer your dive will be so this is also important to be aware of to maximise your experience with the sharks.


Make it an all round day out and combine the 7 Gill Cow Shark dive with the Blue & Mako Shark dive! Book this ultimate shark combination for only R3000 per person!


Great White Shark Diving

great white shark

Shark Explorers have just been given a permit to run Great White Shark trips in False Bay. Morne has years of experience under his belt with the White Sharks in Gansbaai and also is famous for being the cameraman outside the cage for many of the major Great White Shark documentaries.

General Information

The dive takes place from Simons Town which is a 40-minute drive from Cape Town. The boat will launch from Simons Town Harbour and then travel 15-20 minutes across to Seal Island which sits on the middle of False Bay near Muizenburg beach.

This is the hot spot in the world to witness the Great White Sharks predating on seals. Seal Island hosts around 50,000 seals and they come and go from the Island each day to fish in the waters off Cape Point. The zone around seal Island is a real hot spot for Shark activity as the sharks hunt the seals as they leave or come back to the Island.

First thing in the morning is the busiest time to see the sharks Predation on the seals just after sunrise.

Itinerary For The Day

  • Meet between 6h15 and 6h45
  • Board boat and receive boat safety briefing and general information
  • Leave pier between 6h30 and 7h00
  • Arrive at island between 6h50 and 7h25
  • Brief clients on shark hunting behavior and what they can expect
  • View natural predatory interactions between sharks and seals
  • Tow a seal decoy to entice a breach so clients can get a picture
  • Anchor boat at 9am and start chumming to get sharks to the boat
  • Drop cage and brief clients on the cage dive and shark behavior around the boat
  • Cage dive and view sharks from 9h00 to 13h00
  • 13:30 Return to Simons Town harbor


Shark Dive

ZAR2 300 Per Person


  • Food and drinks on the boat
  • Towel
  • Dive gear

Optional Extras

  • Warm Jacket
  • Sun block
  • Camera
  • Sea Sick Pills
  • Swimming Costume

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All Cape Town Operators

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