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Blue & Mako Shark Scuba Diving Trip

Join this adventurous dive with the sharks in the deep blue. Blue and Mako sharks are arguably two of the most beautiful shark species with stunning blue and silver colours running through them. Every diver looking for adventure must do this dive as this is one of the best shark dives worldwide! Apart from diving with these stunning sharks for a couple of hours there is also potential to see Whales, Orcas, Dolphins and much more.

It is important to be aware of your surroundings when you are on the dive. Buoyancy control is essential and the best depths to dive are from 5-10m as the light is good and also your air will last much longer. The moment you start to drop down and try to follow the sharks the quicker your dive will become. The sharks always come back up to you and the best place to be is near the bait drum as they will always pay this a visit. Never try to touch or corner the shark, they are wild animals and will react as any would and last out. The sharks are generally very relaxed but also bold and will come very close and even try a test bite. Fortunately the blue sharks are normally very small and by simply pushing the nose away will suffice. Wear a hoodie, booties and gloves to keep your flesh covered, blue sharks like bright objects and by covering yourself up you will not attract the sharks to you for the wrong reasons. It is a good idea to wear black throughout, bright fins and markings tend to attract the sharks and you may then invite investigatory bites. At all times the dive master and crew are watching the shark’s behaviour and divers and will intercept any potential mischievous sharks.

Filming and photography

Due to the clear, warm water and beautiful colours of the sharks there are fantastic filming and photographic opportunities.


These sharks inhabit deep oceanic waters and can only be found 20 – 30 miles out to sea with no land in sight. Over warm waters that are hundreds of meters deep you just never know what to expect out there like seeing pilot whales or even turtles and Humpback Whales.

Blue sharks are curious sharks that don’t mind investigating divers, but they can be a little skittish and usually are most interested in the bits of chum on offer. Typically smaller blue sharks about 1.5 – 2 meters are around the boats with up to 30 sharks on one dive. Mako sharks seem to be more difficult to find, but when they are around they are very bold and inquisitive. Typical size seen is about 2 meters, but larger ones have been seen.

Blue & Mako Shark Diving Boat

Sea Sickness is an issue and it is a long day at sea so if you are prone to seasickness then this may not be the trip for you.

Blue & Mako Scuba

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Trip Itinerary


Meet crew at Simon’s Town Pier where you will meet the crew have a briefing and board the boat.

Depart for Cape Point and the open ocean 1.5 to 2.5 hours offshore from Cape Point. On the way you will enjoy the stunning views of Cape Point from the sea and you will have an opportunity to view and photograph this spectacle.

Approx 8h30 to 13h00
We run out past Cape Point out into the deep blue waters of the Indian Ocean. The ride will vary from day to day depending on the currents and there the clean warm blue water lies. As we ride out the crew watch the temperature gauge on a regular basis waiting for it to rise above 20c. The water in the Pelagic stream is typically 22-23c and you will notice when we reach this as the water will also turn a deep blue colour. Out in the blue the water is very deep at approximately 500-1000 meters and normally with excellent visibility from 10-50m.

Once we have found the blue water the crew will start to chum the water. It is then a waiting game for the first sharks to arrive. During the wait the crew will discuss the behaviour of the sharks and how to interact with them underwater with a full safety briefing. Once the first sharks arrive the divers will slip into the water first just for a snorkel. Divers must keep a reference point at all times and this is the bait drum which we will drift with. We will be diving miles offshore in deep open water close to the shipping lanes so we do not take any risks when in the water as a missing diver is a lost diver. Fortunately most of the time the visibility is excellent and as the water is so deep it is calm underwater and it is fairly easy for the group to stay together.

There are safety divers in the water watching the group and safety is a priority at all times during the dive. This is truly an awe inspiring dive and as wild as it gets in the deep open ocean.

16h00 to 17h00
Return back into Simons Town Harbour depending on the weather conditions and shark activity. Should you book the combo with the 7 gill cow sharks then we will stop off on the way back to Millers point and drop in for a dive before returning back to Simons Town Harbour.

Including / Excluding

Included / Excluded



  • Tanks & Weights.
  • Light lunch, snacks and refreshments on board.

Optional Extras

  • All dive gear (sizes small to XXL are available) R450 per set.
  • Return transfer from Cape Town. This can be organised at an additional cost of R450 per person. R900 for a single traveler.

Client Reviews


Harry Stone

I was recently lucky enough to attend the Shark Explorers Blue & Mako Shark dive arranged through Shark Bookings. The dive itself was one of the most amazing I have ever experienced, with blue and mako sharks encountered within minutes of arriving at the dive site. The dive was probably more thrilling than I had imagined it could be, the visibility was excellent, and the sharks themselves were spellbinding. Both companies involved could not have done more; my dive gear hire was organised without fuss, everything was smoothly executed and exactly as advertised. The whole experience was seamlessly arranged from start to finish, leaving us all able to concentrate simply on the diving. Money cannot buy experiences like this, so I felt the package was great value. To get up close and personal with these remarkable animals is something you will never forget. There were six divers on the boat, and two members of Shark Explorers, so I felt well looked after and fully attended to at all times. They are great guys, and Stephen’s sandwiches are definitely worthy of a special mention! We were provided with a comprehensive safety briefing before entering the water, enabling everyone to feel confident and fully enjoy the dive. The trip could not have been more enjoyable, with helpful and knowledgeable guides, and of course the amazing sharks themselves taking top billing. It truly was an experience I will remember and cherish for the rest of my life, and I cannot wait to do it again. A huge thank you to Shark Explorers and Shark Bookings!

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    Please allow for at least 5-7 days flexibility to account for the weather

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