Snorkel with Whale Sharks

111_swimmingwithwhalesharks_banner_2The Ocean Safari is a trip to snorkel with Whale Sharks, this is for everyone with no experience necessary. As long as you are comfortable in the water and can snorkel, then this is easy and safe. For people who have not snorkeled then you can just hold onto the boat when in the water and watch the Whale Shark go by. Masks and snorkels are supplied as well as water. The trip lasts approximately 2 hours and it only takes 15 minutes to get to the Whale Shark hotspot from Tofo where they normally are.

Tofinio is an exceptional location where Whale Sharks tend to gather in numbers due to the upwelling and nutrient rich waters at Tofinio point and surrounding area. The Whale Sharks tend to swim close to the coastline and it is often easy to spot them from the cliff edges of Tofinio.

A full briefing is given before you go to the boat and the importance is stressed about conduct when snorkel with the Whale Sharks. Even though the Whale Sharks are huge they can be harassed by divers easily and will dive down if they feel threatened or bothered by the snorkelers.

We are not only looking for Whale Sharks but anything that we can find along the way. On most trips we will see Dolphins, Turtles and also many Whales between July – November. If we are lucky we may spot a shark or gamefish such as marlin. The Ocean safari boats have viewing seats which sit about 3 metres up in the air to give the spotter a better chance of spotting a Whale Shark in the water.

Summerising, this experience is a must and not to be missed. Many people come from all over the world to swim with these graceful animals and if you can make it here you will not regret it.

[highlight]11am[/highlight] Arrive at the dive center and meet the dive masters. Receive a detailed briefing about to swim and behave around the Whale Sharks to make the most of the experience.

[highlight]11:30[/highlight] Walk down to the boat on the beach. The launch starts with everyone gathering behind one side of the boat and pushing this around to face the waves. Once the boat is straight then the group splits to cover both sides of the boat. Then slowly when the waves come in the boat is slid into the water. This is tough work but great fun. Then it is ladies on first and then the guys once the boat is in deep enough water for the engines to run safely. Then off we go punching through the oncoming waves.

The ride to Tofinio point takes approximately 5-10 minutes. When we approach the point the ocean safari spotter climbs up into his viewing chair. The chair is designed to give the spotter excellent aerial views around the boat making it easy to spot Whale sharks or other marine life.

When something is spotted the boat will manoeuvre into place and if it is suitable to snorkel then the divemaster will hand out the masks, fins and snorkels. Once everyone is ready the instruction will be given to carefully slip into the water.

If at any time someone wants to be picked up then they will just have to signal by waving to the boat and they will be picked up.

[highlight]13:30[/highlight] After approximately 2 hours the boat will return back to the dive center.


  • Snorkels, Masks & Fins
  • Water on the boat


  • Accommodation (See our Packages)
We have an extensive range of packages available from 7 day trips to2+ week trips to dive in Mozambique. We can combine Mozambique effectively with Kruger big 5 as these border each other. Please see our packages to learn more about what we can offer. We also arrange tailor made packages should our set packages not be suitable for your needs. For detailed information you can also go to our partner company  

Whale Shark Week Mozambique

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Big 3 Combo

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