November 7th, 2012

Dave has always had a passion for photography, mainly marine photography. This hobby was pushed onto the back burner whilst developing his company Shark Bookings as well as the Roundhouse. Over the recent years Dave got back into the photography world and is now the official photographer for Africa’s largest dive magazine, Divestyle. When opportunities arise Dave is out there underwater taking photos. His photos are mostly Sharks, Mantas and this year he is going to the Sardine run armed to the teeth with camera equipment and a lot of nerve to jump into bait balls and photograph the Whales, Sharks, Dolphins and birds hunting the annual sardine run up the East coast of South Africa. Keep your eye on the photo gallery for new additions! Later in the year Shark Bookings and Scuba Mozambique will be running a photographer specific expedition to Kruger and Mozambique to specifically target certain animals for photography. Keep an eye on the site for the package as this one will be a special one! It is not geared towards Dave showing off and this is focussed on our clients and will be purely focussed on your needs to make the most out of your photos on your holiday to get those Money Shots! You can find more info on him on Google+.

If you look at the e-postcard gallery you will see some of Dave’s work. Dave would like to thank all of the White Shark operators especially Great White Shark Tours and The White Shark Diving Company that allowed him space on their boats to photograph the sharks so often throughout the year. 2013 will hopefully be a year of excitement and more excellent diving opportunities. David is now a professional marine photographer and should you wish to have your experiences photographed then you can email us with your request. For those in need of any type of marine photography be it for marketing or any other purposes, please email Dave.

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