Tips to deciding which White Shark Cage Diving company to book with?



Are you looking to book a shark cage dive and wondering who to book with? Please beware of specials being run on google adds especially last minute specials that advertise constant air supply and a discounted rate. There have been many people caught out by such specials and FALSE ADVERTISING and people that do fall into this trap without doing research may face the risk of having their cards defrauded. Make sure you are booking with a reputable company that has a track record and the best way to do this is to check the company on TripAdvisor.

Constant Air Supply Myth

We own the central booking office in South Africa for shark cage diving and have the unique advantage of working with all of the boats. We know all of the companies inside out and all of the pro’s and con’s. From the beginning we have worked ethically and we are highly respected in the industry by the operators and tour agents. Our mission is to try to give each and every client a memorable and excellent tour and to go away from their experience with a positive outlook about South Africa, tourism and the Shark Industry. My first experience was 15 years ago and I still hold this tour as one of the highlights of my life and that particular day we had excellent sharks and the tour was everything and more than I had ever hoped. I want everyone to go away with this great feeling I had and we are passionate about delivering this.

Who to Choose from?

To help you decide who to book your shark cage dive with please see the list of operators by Clicking Here and check each operator individually! We are the central booking office and book with all operators and as have a price match we can book you on any boat you wish with the click of a button without prepaying.

There are 8 Shark Diving Operators in Gansbaai, 3 in False Bay and 1 in Mossel Bay. The operators in Gansbaai especially offer different tours per company with different boats of varying sizes. The smallest boats take a maximum of 20 passengers and the largest 40 passengers. You may think that the larger boats with more people will be crowded but the boats are big enough to cater for such numbers and there is plenty of space on the boats. The good thing about the larger boats is that they stay out for approximately an hour longer at sea however if you are worried about sea sickness then perhaps you would prefer a shorter time on sea to see the sharks 🙂 Sea sickness is a problem with these tours as the boats sit on anchor for over 2 hours and if there is a swell (long rolling waves) then people who are prone to motion sickness tend to struggle. The bigger boats however are more stable on the water as they are wider but you will need to weigh up the odds before choosing your preferred boat.

The operators in False Bay can offer air supply with cylinders on request if pre-booked (July – August) and from the 2016 winter season in Gansbaai (June – September) should be able to offer air supply if booked for qualified divers with dive cards. Please ask us if you are a qualified diver and we will put in a request for air in the cage. We will also only be able to use air in the cage if the visibility is good and there are plenty of sharks and the decision will ultimately be up to the dive master to use air on the day depending on the sea conditions and shark activity.

Why book with us?


The HUGE bonus with booking through us is that you will pay on the day of the booking and not before so there are no problems trying to get your money back if the tours are cancelled due to weather. There are some unscrupulous booking agencies out there which take advanced payments and refuse to refund or even worse run 2 payments on clients cards so PLEASE BE CAREFUL and do not fall into the TRAP of going for a “GOOD DEAL” then losing out with months of chasing the agent for your money back and in the end having to give up on your money as well as experience. We also are not an individual agent or operator so if your tour is cancelled with your particular boat then we will be in contact with all of the boats and will source spaces on other tours without you even having to worry for a second. We will keep you informed and in the loop the whole time to give you peace of mind so you can concentrate on enjoying your holiday. Our advice is to look on TripAdvisor to double check if you decide to book with an agent and be careful as some agents also act as “ghost operators” and word their pages as if they own the boat. Go to our operators page and you will see the actual operators and you can also book through us as we work with all of the operators as a central office and charge the same as the operators.


As we have been around for 15 years which was nearly at the birth of the industry we know the shark cage diving like the back of our hands but our passion is still there to do our best to make sure that all of our clients have a memorable tour on sea to see the sharks and that the who process from booking to returning to your hotel is as effortless and enjoyable as possible. If you ever have me on the boat with you you will immediately know it is me as I will have a big camera and will still be squealing like it is the first time I have seen a Great White Shark 🙂

I hope you found this article helpful and wish you all the best for your holiday and shark experiences!!