Plastic and Marine Life

A whale shark swimming past a plastic bag. Effects of plastic on marine life

We all know that our trash, specifically plastic, which takes a very long time to biodegrade – the average time it takes for a bottle to completely decompose is 450 years, while some bottles can even take 1000 years! – is harmful to our environment. But, what many of us don’t know is how it affects other species, especially marine life. There is so much trash, in fact, that there…

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Ocearch Shark Tracking: Brenda

Brenda the great white shark tagged for shark tracking, research and conservation efforts in Mossel Bay, South Africa.

Meet Brenda, the great white shark promoting travel in her community. Ocearch’s tracking technology allows researchers to monitor shark’s movements throughout the world’s oceans, providing valuable insight into their behavior and their range. Each shark is tagged with a tracking device that is inserted through their dorsal fin, and whenever they break the surface of the water, a signal is transmitted to a satellite. The satellite then sends back an…

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