Shark cage diving can seem like a daunting activity if you’ve never done it before. Despite being well managed and carefully controlled, there are one or two things you need to know, and do, in preparation for your shark cage excursion. We’ll take you through the basics, however, these are just extra precautions and things to check on over and above what your package provides you with.

Dealing with seasickness

You can take a standard anti-motion sickness tablet (available from our local pharmacies) about an hour before you go on the boat. This should give you enough time for it to start working and prevent you from feeling sick, or nauseous, with the movement of the boat. This is only necessary if you are prone to seasickness or motion sickness. You are advised to use your own discretion here. 

How to handle visual impairments

When you’re with the sharks, you will be submerged in water for short periods. You can wear glasses under your mask but they sometimes won’t fit and can become uncomfortable. If you’re able to, wear contact lenses where possible. 

Your checklist

  • Something to swim in: Various providers offer different swimming equipment but you should always have a waterproof outfit on underneath.
  • Sunscreen: The sun affects different skin types differently, which sounds obvious but it does mean that some travellers aren’t acclimated to the African sun. Notoriously ‘burny’ – even on some cool days – you need to be protected with sunscreen and a hat for the boat.
  • Sunglasses: Protect your eyes from the glare of the water with a pair of your favourite sunnies, on the boat.
  • Warm clothes for afterwards: Even on warm days the boat can get nippy and the cool air on wet skin is best warded off with a windbreaker.
  • A camera for capturing the moment: Bring along a waterproof camera for the actual experience or a regular camera for snaps on the boat. The staff are happy to help take a picture or two. You can also typically order a DVD of the experience if you’d like.
  • If in doubt, bring a snack. If you have a tendency towards low blood-pressure or blood sugar, bring a snack just in case – however, many of the shark cage diving packages include meals and snacks.
  • Nice-to-haves: Leave-in conditioner and hand lotion for after your dip.

We’ll help walk you through everything you need to know to make your shark cage diving experience the best it can be. Book your encounter  and we’ll be available to you, every step of the way. You can also view more of the Shark Bookings site for more information about the sharks you could meet.

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