How Long do Sharks Live For?

Sofia the great white shark tagged for shark tracking, research and conservation efforts in Gansbaai, South Africa.

In 2016, scientists in Greenland discovered a 400-year old shark, evidence that some sharks can live for well over 100 years. It’s believed that Dogfish and Whale sharks species live for more than 100 years. But of course, each shark species has a different life expectancy. Learn more about how long specific shark species live and how scientists and researchers determine the age of sharks. Determining the age of sharks…

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Ocean Pollution: How Oil Waste Impacts Marine Life

Effects of Oil Spills on Marine Life

The global marine ecosystem is deteriorating at a worrying rate, as a direct result of oil waste. It’s the fastest source of devastation in the marine ecosystem and more harmful than the 14 billion pounds of trash and waste dumped in the ocean each year. It’s estimated that over 2600 million litres of oil waste enters the ocean annually – but the harm caused by this practice is immeasurable. There…

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