Top 5 Facts about Ocearch Shark Tracking

Photo credit: Myths and false criticisms have been doing its rounds, creating misconceptions about shark tagging and research tracking. Let’s debunk the myths of shark tracking with these important facts. Tagging does not cause sharks pain Sensory receptors, known as nociceptors, that are responsible for feeling pain in humans are not present in sharks. Many of the tags are attached to the shark fins, which don’t have a nerve supply….

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How Humans are Polluting the Ocean

A whale shark swimming past a plastic bag. Effects of plastic on marine life

One of the most mysterious and diverse places on earth, the majority of the ocean has yet to be explored. Unfortunately, the ocean is being threatened by pollution – mostly caused by humans. While we cannot control natural causes such as earthquakes and tsunamis, the impact of human pollution is increasing, but there are many ways we can push back and reduce our impact on the ocean. First, it’s important…

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