Review of February


Gansbaai We have had a great Summer here in Gansbaai and Cape Town. The water has been unusually warm for the last month and definitely not what it should be at this time of year. The normal water temperature in Summer in Gansbaai is around 10-13c but we have had days where the water temperature raised to over 21c! This is very unusual but we are not complaining as the…

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Sardine Run 2014 packages from Shark Bookings

The annual Sardine Run, a display of Mother Nature’s phenomenal power, attracts people from all over the world. During the months of June and July, millions of sardines flock together and migrate with the cold current being pushed up the east coast of Africa with the onset of winter. Not only does this phenomenon (known as “the greatest shoal on earth.” ) create the most beautiful silver waves, it also…

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The magic of the Sardine Run

One of Mother Earth’s most magical occurrences is, without a doubt, the annual Sardine Run. Every year, between June and July, MILLIONS of sardines form huge, swirling shoals, resulting in the “Greatest Shoal on Earth.” It is indeed a natural phenomenon – one that people from all over the world look forward to. Not too shabby for South Africa’s Wild Coast. Although still months away, The Sardine Run 2014 is…

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