Shark Cage Diving FAQs

We understand that shark cage diving isn’t an everyday experience. In fact, part of what makes it so memorable is the fact that many people will only have the opportunity once or twice in their lifetime. In light of this, it’s normal to have questions and need more information before you decide to embark on this exciting adventure. After all, the extraordinary still requires some planning. That’s why we’re answering…

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Shark Cage Diving: Truth versus Myths

Mossel Bay Shark Conservation

Shark cage diving is one of the most popular activities in the Western Cape and many parts of South Africa – especially for travelling marine animal lovers who wish to encounter these incredible creatures up close. But many people have their reservations about trying it, due to unfactual and uninformed criticisms about what the experience entails and how it affects marine life. As the experts, we’re here to clear up…

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