great white shark cage divingFor most people, great white shark cage diving is one of those things they always imagine being a part of but never actually getting around to doing. There are so many reasons for this which include a monetary aspect, a fear of actually taking the plunge and countless other excuses that we’ve all hear time and time again. However, Shark Bookings, a premier shark diving company has some excellent package deals on diving trips, leaving you with little to no excuse to not seize this once in a lifetime opportunity. Below is a detailed list of some of their amazing packages:

Great White Shark Dive and Stay

If you plan on going great white shark cage diving, it is advisable to spend the night at one of the guest houses or bed and breakfasts within the Gansbaai area. From Cape Town, Gansbaai is about five hours’ drive. The trip itself can take anything from four to five hours from start to finish and because of the adrenaline you feel during the day, you will be tired by the time you get back on land. By the time you drive back to the city, you will be exhausted. Gansbaai is not just about sharks but has some of the best beaches in South Africa as well as the best land based Whale watching in the world from July – December.

Shark Bookings offers the option of staying over at the beautiful Roundhouse guest house. There are three room options, each with a R100 price difference. Every room available will compliment your diving experience perfectly, as The Roundhouse is the perfect place to relax and unwind.

The Big Two Combo

Gansbaai and de Kelders Get in touch with two of the ocean’s most majestic creatures. This combo spans over two days, and really gives you the opportunity to see Gansbaai and de Kelders at its best. Spend your first day there out on a whale watching trip. The Southern Right Whales swim along Ganbaai’s cost in large groups, ensuring that you have optimal whale viewing. After a day of being wowed by breechings, jumps and tail thrusts, spend a night at the luxurious Roundhouse guest house.

The second part of your trip will involve the enthralling shark cage dive that you have been craving.  Join a morning tour at Shark Alley where the Great White Sharks are cruising, looking for their next meal. Experience a close encounter with the Apex predator of the ocean in their domain and come away with memories to last a lifetime!

Perfect Predator Expedition

This package is perfect for those who are passionate about adventure. With seven nights at a bed and breakfast in Simon’s Town, and five shark diving trips, one would think that this holiday couldn’t get any better, could it? Think again. The price also includes three half-day land sightseeing tours, one big game safari drive and a trip to the ostrich farm.

Shark Bookings has something for everyone. For more information on these packages, as well as some of the others on offer, visit the Shark Bookings website.

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