article5For those of you who like to live life on the edge, shark cage diving is an experience that will take you there. Unlike bungy jumping or sky diving, the adrenaline rush from shark cage diving comes from being face to face with one of the world’s greatest predators: the Great White Shark. After this once in a life time experience, you’ll find yourself buzzing with excitement and adrenaline. You will have had the opportunity to come up close and personal with one of the oceans most majestic and foreboding creatures.

Shark Cage Diving is a relatively recent means of experiencing sharks in their natural habitat. Not only does it allow research to be carried out on sharks by witnessing their reactions to humans and how they behave whilst underwater, it also allows photographers and videographers to document these predators in their territory. The concept of being locked into a cage and lowered into shark infested seas is, to say the least, terrifying, however it has been welcomed by many as a means to learn more about sharks without harming them.

article6Shark Cage Diving became available as an extreme activity once it was sure that participants were safe from the sharks when in the cage. Like most extreme sports or activities, there are risks involved, however any accidents that have occurred during shark cage diving are the result of just boat based incidents and not shark related. Incidents have occurred when clients are careless and do not pay attention to instructions when the boat is in motion. It is extremely unlikely that a shark will be able to break into a cage, or will be more interested in eating you than the juicy tuna head that shark cage diving companies throw into the water to attract the sharks. So far in the 15 years of the businesses a Great White Shark has never been interested in any of the tourists in the cages. The bait used is not fed to the sharks but us used to keep the shark by the cage and close to the divers.

Extreme sports may take courage, but once you’ve tried one you’ll want to try them all. Shark Cage Diving is without a doubt one of the scariest activities a person can participate in as sharks have been embedded in our minds as being formidable creatures that should be stayed away from at all costs. Films such as Jaws have let our imaginations run away with themselves, and documentaries showing False Bay’s five meter sharks breeching out of the water to catch their prey have made most of us feel that we should be as far away from the water as possible. Lastly, people are well aware of how strong those jaws are and in their minds can only imagine what their sly minds are thinking about behind those beady eyes. Thankfully the truth is far different from the stereotype and people learn this every day when on these trips.

article7Shark cage diving will make you overcome this fear of sharks and help you to understand their beauty and grace. The experience puts you in their territory and the safety of the activity allows you to only be an observer to learn what Great White Sharks are really like. If you can brave the cold water, being locked in a cage, and some day’s poor visibility under water that only allows you to see a shark once it is right upon you, then this is for you. For the good of all you do not even have to get in the cage to view the sharks and the viewing from the boat is spectacular especially when the sharks try to ambush the bait. This experience is truly incredible and is an opportunity not to be missed in a lifetime.

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