Finally after a long drawn out spell of fantastic weather winter hit us. It is not like that in Europe however fortunately and the lowest temperature it has reached is around 11c / 52F at night / early morning. We have managed to get out most days with moderately rough seas but for 1 day we were all stuck on land. The good thing about the winter cold fronts is that they push in the warmer Indian Ocean against the coast which in turn brings in clearer water. We are all hoping that this series of cold fronts will shake things up a bit as for some reason the sharks are still hanging around the coastline and the beach and not the Island and Shark Alley where they should be at this time of year. Today after the latest cold front the sharks are still around the beach so at the moment nothing has changed but we have 2 more cold fronts rolling in over the weekend and early next week so hopefully this will change things. Then all of the waiting will be worth it and our winter shark season will start with unbelievable shark action and good visibility!

Great White shark Gansbaai

In False Bay the season has well and truly started! We are having anything up to 15 breaches and natural predations in the mornings and an average of 5 sharks by the boat for the cage diving and viewing. The activity is still poor in the afternoons for the cage diving but for the morning trips we are in full swing now!

We need the cold fronts to start rolling in now because we are on the verge of the start of the Sardine Run in just over 2 weeks! We need cold fronts to start moving up the coast and push the cold body of water from the Agulhas banks up the east coast with it billions of Sardines.. Chased by thousands of predators!

Kind Regards,

Dave Caravias
Shark Bookings Team

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