The annual Sardine Run, a display of Mother Nature’s phenomenal power, attracts people from all over the world. During the months of June and July, millions of sardines flock together and migrate with the cold current being pushed up the east coast of Africa with the onset of winter. Not only does this phenomenon (known as “the greatest shoal on earth.” ) create the most beautiful silver waves, it also attracts marvellous predators including sharks, dolphins and a variety of species of bird. Needless to say, the Sardine Run is a sight to behold, and one well worth venturing to experience. Shark Bookings, a premiere shark cage diving booking company, has a number of packages tailored specifically to the Sardine Run. Take a look at them below:


8 Day Package

Perfect for anyone with time or budget restrictions, this package offers you no less than five glorious days jam-packed with diving. See all the highlights of the Sardine Run and revel in the relaxation that comes with spending days near the sea. The accommodation provided by this package is comfortable and includes facilities such as a swimming pool, en-suite bathrooms, laundry service, restaurant and bar.


Single diver: R22 975

Single diver (sharing): R20 950

Non-diver partner (sharing): R7650.


11 Day Package

For the diving enthusiast, this package promises you nine days of diving. Each day will begin with a hearty breakfast and diving briefing – although it is important to remember that both the weather and the sardines are unpredictable. All boats out on any given day will have strong lines of communication to alert others as to where the best diving spots are.


Single diver: R 32 900 per person sharing.


13 Day Package

The ultimate Sardine Run diving package brings you multiple dives in two locations. The second day of your trip will see you diving on the beautiful Aliwal Shoal, where you are almost guaranteed to see Ragged Tooth and Dusky Sharks. The next 10 days will see you diving on the incredible Sardine Run, which is truly the opportunity of a lifetime.


Single diver: R38 225

Single diver (sharing): R35 450

Non-diver partner (sharing): R11 500.

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