In recent years, shark cage diving has become the most popular extreme sport in the world.

Thanks to movies like Jaws and the Sharknado franchise, people have an irrational fear of sharks. Some still believe that sharks roam the ocean mindlessly, hunting humans. This fear fuels curiosity for shark cage diving, especially for those looking for their next adrenaline rush. Or could the popularity of shark cage diving be proof that more people have embraced or learned that sharks don’t hunt humans deliberately?

Fortunately, the truth is far from this misconception, which you will only realise on a shark cage diving trip.

If you’re planning a shark cage diving trip, the accredited shark cage diving company will guide you throughout the experience. Ensure your safety by following the guides’ directions on board. But a little preparation is always advantageous, especially if you find the experience scary. Follow our helpful guide to shark cage diving safety.

Shark cage diving safety tips

Entering the cage

Getting into the cage for the first time can be terrifying. And if done incorrectly, you could end up hurting yourself. The key is to maintain control of your body as you get in. A controlled seated technique is used to get in and out the cage. The technique will give you control to find the balance you’ll need.

The controlled seated technique involves using both hands to gently guide your body into the cage. Use your hands to grip onto the top bars and get your body in a seated position. Lastly, slowly descend into the water.

Once inside the cage, it’s very important to keep the following in mind:

  • Hold onto the bars of the cage with at least one hand at all times
  • Don’t extend any of your limbs outside the cage, of course
  • If you’re in the cage with other divers, avoid collision by remaining calm at all times


Camera equipment

If you’re planning to take your camera equipment, follow these simple rules:

Rule one: don’t enter the cage with your camera equipment. Instead, get into the cage first and then have someone hand it to you.

Rule two: while inside the cage, extend your camera beyond the cage bars under no circumstances. This is to avoid losing a limb and to ensure that you don’t drop it.

Rule three: before exiting the cage, hand your camera equipment to someone onboard. After that it’s safe to exit the cage and return onboard.

A thrilling adventure for sure, but remember these simple shark cage safety tips before (and during) your experience.



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