It’s as simple as this: the Great White shark has never had to evolve into a more complex organism. Studies have suggested that over one million years ago, the Mako shark evolved into what we now know as the Great White shark, but it has never had to progress further, in essence, it is genetically perfect; an ultimate predator.

Sharks are generally feared by many, owing to their perceived ruthless, primal nature. However once you are underwater you will witness a completely different side of them, and gain a new-found respect for these oceanic specimens.

mako(1)Many studies suggest that the Great White shark descended from a line of prehistoric, aquatic fish, known as the megalodon. However, assistant professor of geology at the Wright State University Lake Campus proposes a different interpretation. He believes, through his meticulous research of sharks’ teeth, that the Mako shark shares more similarities to the Great White shark.

He confidently says, “In summary, our morphological (form and structure) evidence strongly supports the theory that the Great White is descended from the prehistoric Mako group.

In order to witness these magnificent creatures of the deep and, at the same time, fuel your adrenaline high, shark cage diving is an activity that cannot be missed; there are many affordable shark cage diving as well as diving holiday packages available for diving enthusiasts.

“All day” diving packages are also offered, specifically in the Western Cape and Kwazulu-Natal: explore the Western Cape’s mecca of shark cage diving in Gansbaai, as well as Cape Town and Simon’s Town. In Kwazulu-Natal: discover the wonders in the warm Durban Ocean or get up close and personal with the tiger shark of the Aliwal Shoal.

For the ultimate adrenaline surge, a sure-fire choice would be the extreme shark diving week package that takes place in Cape Town. This package will expose you to over 10 species of sharks; an unparalleled aquatic adventure.

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