sharkdiving(2)Shark cage diving is an increasingly popular tourist attraction along the stunning coast line of the Indian Ocean along the Mother City and the Western Cape. It’s an adventurous and exciting endeavour and will promise to give you an adrenaline rush unlike any other you’ve previously experienced. However, tourists are often confused as to what the best place and time to go shark cage diving is, and often feel that they’d like to know more safety information before embarking on this adventure – Shark Bookings have all the answers you’re looking for and promise to arrange a truly unforgettable experience.

South Africa is home to one of the largest varieties of sharks in the world. Here, you can find the biggest variety of shark diving options in the world – you can choose from diving with the Great White Shark in the cold Atlantic Cape Town waters as well as the prehistoric 7 Gill Cow Shark to diving in the warm Indian Ocean in Durban with the Tiger sharks, bull Sharks and Ragged Tooth Sharks to name a few. In Cape Town alone there are many different locations for your adventure – it’s a good idea to decide early on where you’d like to go.

breaching(1)White Shark Breaching offers the trip of a lifetime. There are currently two locations where you can do this trip and these are Seal Island in False Bay or Dyer Island off the shores of Gansbaai. Both of these destinations are exceptional for their own reasons. Seal Island is the prime place in the world for watching Great White Sharks hunting and breaching on seals. This is the place to go if your main ambition is to see a Great White Shark taking a seal or breaching on a live seal. This trip also offers viewing and cage diving as a secondary focus. Gansbaai is the capital of Great White Shark Cage Diving in the world and this is the best place to see a Great White Shark up close from the boat and cage. Gansbaai breaching trips offer now an opportunity of seeing a Great White Shark breaching on a seal decoy behind the boat for an hour and then followed by a full cage diving and viewing tour.

bluesharkBlue and Mako Shark Scuba Diving is only available to more experienced and confident divers. These majestic sharks are blue and silver in colour and are undoubtedly two of the most beautiful shark species in the waters along the Western Cape east coast. On this trip you
may also see yellowfin and longfin tuna. There are some safety precautions to be aware of however when diving with these sharks; the sharks should never be touched and it’s essential to keep eye contact with the sharks at all times. The sharks are curious and tend to investigate divers – an incredibly exciting and quite overwhelming experience for even the most experienced divers! There is also an option to add a dive with the 7 Gill Cow Sharks to finish off the day, which is a completely different and unique experience.
Blue and Mako Shark Cage Diving is offered to anyone and no experience is necessary. When diving in the cage you will come up close to the sharks on the surface. The cage is strapped to the side of the boat and the crew are above the cage should you not feel comfortable. The trips normally start at around 06h00 and ends at 16h00 -18h00, depending on the shark activity on the day.

cowsharkdiving(1)Seven Gill Cow Shark Scuba Diving takes place in a small isolated cove set under the Cape Peninsula Mountain Range. Being one of the only places in the world where you can continuously dive with these sharks year round, it’s an incredibly popular trip. Seven Gill Cow Sharks are known as the “wolves of the sea” because of the way they hunt; they are predators of seals, other sharks and fish. No form of chum or bait is needed to interact with them as they are naturally very curious and confident. They are based in a very small area in a marine reserve and many sharks (up to 30+) can be seen on any one dive. This is the perfect package option for anyone wanting to experience diving with sharks. The dive is an easy one at 10m and open water divers can do this. Your trip will normally start at 08h00 and end at approximately 11h00.

Diving with the Cape Fur Seal is an unforgettable experience.

sealdivingFor those who love seals we have a new trip offering snorkelling or scuba diving with the seals in a popular seal colony in Hout Bay. They are prey for the Great White Shark, but don’t worry as this colony is surrounded by kelp and the sharks do not come into the kelp. Trips run daily and to date there has not been a Great White Shark seen near the seal colony. Just enjoy interacting with the dogs of the sea, the Cape Fur Seal, is a memory to last for life.

There are many other package options available for you and loved ones to choose from. Gansbaai –two hour drive from Cape Town – Mossel Bay on the Garden Route 3 hours away, and Durban are three other popular spots for shark diving adventures. Shark Bookings promises a unique and unforgettable shark diving or shark cage diving in Cape Town and its stunning surrounds.

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